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Care for the staff

The staff is the most energetic, most potential and most valuable resources of SNEC. They are the creators of the good value and the inheritors of the enterprise spirit。 The history of our enterprise development is the struggle history with all the employees hand in hand. Cooperative, enterprising, pragmatic and innovative employees are our valuable resources, who will support the continuous development of the enterprise. The company strictly implements the laws, regulations and policies concerning labor and employment and treats all employees equally, standardizes the labor and employment management system and establishes harmonious labor relations. Sticking to the policy of “Prevention First, Cure Followed, Classified Management and Comprehensive Treatment”, SNEC has been constantly standardizing and improving its employee occupational health management system, and has done a satisfactory work of workplace occupational hazards monitoring, employee occupational health surveillance, PPE application and occupational health education and training.

SNEC has established a talent development scheme and a perfect training management system, so as to achieve a co-development of SNEC and its employees. By understanding the laws of talent cultivation, and varied growth needs of varied employees, classified and diversified post training are designed, and employee’s internal motivation and potential to learn are stimulated. SNEC has arranged irregular all employee fitness activities, theme speeches, debate contest and so on. Those enriched the staff's spare time and enhancing the team cohesion. 

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Sonorous rose - "38 International Women's Day" 
 Party Congress 
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