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Compay Profile

Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd (SNEC) is an all-around engineering company with its business scope covering areas of scientific research and development, engineering consultation, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, plant construction and inspection/maintenance services, etc., with technology as a guide, design as a basis and general contracting and project management as main business. It holds its own patents, proprietary technologies and know-hows, willing to render technical and management services in both domestic and international markets.

As a national high-tech enterprise, SNEC has a national enterprise technology center, and holds Engineering Design Integrated Qualification Class-A, Qualification of General Contract for Petrochemical Engineering Construction, Super-Class, various certificates of engineering consultation, engineering cost consultation and EIA (all of Class A), a certificate for international engineering contracting, certificates for A1, A2 and A3 pressure vessel design and fabrication, certificates for pressure pipeline design and erection; certificates for boiler and hoisting machinery installation, revamping and maintenance; ASME pressure vessel “U” seal certificate, ASME power boiler “S” seal certificate, and etc.

SNEC has a perfect organization system with a strong technical force. Currently there are approximately 2800 permanent employees, among which 6 were awarded the title of National Master Engineer,  4 of them enjoy national allowance, 497 senior engineers, 886 engineers, and other more than 700 professionals and management personnel. SNEC possesses of more than 310 proprietary technologies and know-how, forming special core technology advantage and construction & erection capability; It established the leadership in the engineering design of natural gas chemical, petrochemical, coal chemical, and synthetic gas chemical industries, etc. SNEC has established strong differentiated competitive advantages in equipment manufacturing, construction of large-sized storage tanks and long-distance pipelines, hoisting and erection of oversized and heavy equipment, as well as prefabrication of piping and steel structure. SNEC has become large-sized non-standard equipment manufacturing base of SINOPEC.

SNEC has rich engineering project achievements and management experience and has completed engineering design, EPC, general contracting and construction of more than 1000 plants, covering fields of oil refining, ethylene, olefin, synthesis ammonia, urea, coal gasification, methanol, acetic acid, acrylonitrile, polyolefin, synthetic rubber and so on. Those won 4 national gold, silver and copper awards for general contracting, 25 National Science Congress Awards, National Scientific & Technological Advance Awards and National Design Excellence Awards, 12 National High Quality Project Awards, and over 260 Provincial or Ministerial level Scientific & Technological Advanced Awards, Design Excellence Awards or Excellent Project Awards.

Differentiation and green low-carbon is SNEC’s steadfast strategy. Science & technology-led operation and innovation are its unshakable policy. By full play of existing technical advantages, SNEC will focus on the core technology R&D on resource and energy substitution, energy saving, emission-reduction and environment protection, as well as packaged engineering technology, to make a contribution to the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society.