Talent idea

Adhering to the idea that "talent is the first resource", we respect talents, cherish talents, care for talents and regard talent as the valuable wealth of the company. We continue to improve the talent development channels, pay attention to the development needs of employees at different stages, open space for talent growth and build a platform for talent development. We firmly establish the concept of people-oriented…


Education Training

1 Basic Framework of Training System 1.1 Training System Structure (three layers) 1.1.1 Employee Training Administrative Committee The Employee Training Administrative Committee is composed of leaders from relevant departments, with SNEC General Manager as Director and the Vice General Manager in charge of employee training as Associate Director. 1.1.2 Human Resource Department… More


Recruitment: Graduating students Recruitment Procedures: Log in SINOPEC recruitment network (http://job.sinopec.com), fill out your resumes to the annual recruitment per the recruitment notice published every year. Contact: Contact to: Human Resource Department Tel. No. : +86-574-87975517...