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Core TECH Advantages

After years of accumulation, the company gained nine advantages in core technology or engineering technology. We ranked top in the engineering design in the field of natural gas chemical industry, petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry and synthetic gas chemical industry. We won great differentiation advantages in equipment manufacturing, large storage tank and pipeline construction, large or super large equipment hoisting and pipeline steel structure factory prefabrication.

  • Hydrogen and syngas productive technology package based on gasification of a variety of raw materials (mainly coal).
  • Natural gas chemical technology package based on hydrocarbon gas reforming (natural gas, coke oven gas, etc.); C1 chemical product chain extension technology (acetic acid, acetic anhydride, vinyl acetate and polyvinyl alcohol, etc.)
  • New coal chemical technology represented by coal-to-hydrogen, coal-to-methanol and coal-to-natural gas; GTL/CTL technology package based on fixed bed and slurry bed F-T technology.
  • Coal based and deoiled asphalt based IGCC engineering technology package.
  • Technology of special petrochemical products such as acrylonitrile, polyolefin and propane dehydrogenation.
  • Special utility technology package, such as large air separation and IGCC project (CFB boiler and pulverized coal boiler).
  • Environment protection and emission reduction technology package, based on the core technology of boiler/FCC flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, high ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment, and coal chemical water recovery.
  • Petrochemical plant construction technology, especially the construction of large cryogenic LNG storage tank and large oil tank, and hoisting if large equipment.
  • The equipment manufacturing technology represented by thick wall heavy equipment and large tower.