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Safe and Steady Operation

SNEC has made safety and stability as our incessant goal; and has been paying high attention on production safety, and ensuring intrinsic safety for projects, has been setting up and elaborating the HSE management systems, effectively controlled major disaster accidents and casualties, to reduce costs, to save energy and resources, to establish a good image of enterprise health, safety and environmental protection, and striving to achieve the coordination of social, environmental and economic benefits.


The company established HSE full responsibility system, implementing a post responsibility and a commitment to safety in production system; organized HSE inspection and special inspection, strengthening safety awareness and the ability in investigation and management of risks, constantly strengthening the base of safe production, to achieve safe and stable operation fundamentally.


HSE Management Policy

Life is uppermost, and safe development is based on preventive and comprehensive control.

Improve environment to protect health, leader is responsible and all staff obligated.


HSE Overall Management Objective

"Zero Defect, Zero Violation and Zero Accident" 

Strive to maximize the safety of employees, to eliminate accidents, and to protect the natural environment. 
Continuously improve HSE management performance and continuously improve HSE management level.


HSE Management Commitment

SNEC commits to obey all regulations in “SNEC HSE Management Manual” strictly. By establishing, implementing and further improving the HSE management system, SNEC will protect all staff, the client and the public for their safety and health and will protect the environment, so as to maintain a more excellent HSE achievement.

a) Obey the laws and regulations of the country and region where we are, with all business performed according to their laws and regulations of safety, environment and health;

b) Each employee of SNEC shall be obligated to HSE management and SNEC will offer scientific and effective training to all employees to raise their HSE consciousness and skill;

c) SNEC forbids its employees to drink alcohol or take drugs before or during working time, and to smoke outside the smoking area;  

d) SNEC will provide manpower, material resources and financial resources to improve working condition and environment of staff continuously, to achieve HSE management objective of SNEC;

e) SNEC will provide safe, healthy and environmental-friendly engineering products to our customers by adopting advanced and mature technology;

f) SNEC will reduce the emission of waste water, waste gas and waste solid, abate the noise and use the energy effectively, so as to reduce the impact on environment and health due to our productive operation;

g) SNEC will solicit opinions from clients and publics and try to meet their reasonable requirements concerning HSE management; 

h) SNEC will praise and award the employees who make outstanding contribution to the HSE management.

Composed files of HSE management system

HSE Management Team

One of the vice general managers is in charge of HSE, one company safety director is nominated. One HSE management team of 112 members is set up, including 9 senior engineers, 19 HSE engineers and 84 HSE management personnel, and 25 persons in the team are qualified as national registered safety engineer