Quality Assurance

SNEC’s quality policy is “Standardization as guidance, life-long responsibility“, it has set up its own quality management system and improved it now and then, with core quality concept of “Be responsible for the next working step”. SNEC implements “first piece inspection” and “model project management” for the project quality assurance. Through strict quality control, strengthened process quality supervision and inspection…


Safe and Steady Operation

SNEC has made safety and stability as our incessant goal; and has been paying high attention on production safety, and ensuring intrinsic safety for projects, has been setting up and elaborating the HSE management systems, effectively controlled major disaster accidents and casualties, to reduce costs, to save energy and resources, to establish a good image of enterprise health, safety and environmental protection, and striving to achieve the coordination of social, environmental and economic benefits.… More

Care for the staff

The staff is the most energetic, most potential and most valuable resources of SNEC. They are the creators of the good value and the inheritors of the enterprise spirit。 The history of our enterprise development is the struggle history with all the employees hand in hand. Cooperative, enterprising, pragmatic and innovative employees are our valuable resources, who will support the continuous development of the enterprise....


Wholeheartedly reward society

SNEC would not develop without the strong support of the whole society, and social development will not be realized without wholehearted return of enterprises. While trying our best to create economic value, we always pay attention to people's livelihood and social progress, actively participate in public welfare undertakings, fulfill the obligation and responsibility of a “Corporate Citizen”, vigorously promote ...