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Quality Assurance

SNEC’s quality policy is “Standardization as guidance, life-long responsibility“, it has set up its own quality management system and improved it now and then, with core quality concept of “Be responsible for the next working step”. SNEC implements “first piece inspection” and “model project management” for the project quality assurance. Through strict quality control, strengthened process quality supervision and inspection, SNEC will ensure each step of its work up to the code and standard, and provide high quality products and services to the customer, also to the society. We are aiming at providing perfect services to the customer to enhance the degree of your satisfaction, and meanwhile, to obtain a higher level of technology, service and management.


SNEC attaches great importance to the quality culture building and has published “Quality Culture Handbook”, to improve staff’s quality consciousness, to create a strong quality cultural atmosphere in the company, to motivate and cultivate all staff to be in full compliance with rules and regulations, and to improve the quality management. SNEC sets up a responsible quality image, provides high-quality products and services for the society, and actively fulfills the social responsibility. The company, by means of a perfect quality supervision and management system, strengthens the quality management for design, procurement, construction and other procedures, implements a quality responsibility system, elaborate the quality supervision and evaluation system, and performs a strict check onto key parts, key link and each procedure, so to improve the overall product quality


Quality Policy

Standardization as guidance, life-long responsibility

“Standardization” refers to standard of conduct in general, including technical standards, management systems and specifications, etc, it is the valuable result of carrying forward the good tradition and innovation, and is the bench mark.

“Standardization as guidance” refers to doing everything as per standard. In the course of production and business operation, SNEC emphasizes the quality work according to the quality management system; and fully fulfills SINOPEC’s policy of “Quality is Always the Foremost ”

 “Life-long responsibility” is the solemn commitment to customers; it represents SNEC’s technical capability, moral level and resolution to do the job well, by means of a quality guarantee through out the whole life span of product, it is also the fulfillment of SINOPEC’s slogan “Each drop of oil is commitment”.       

 “Standardization as guidance, life-long responsibility” requires all staff to take “standard” as basic requirements in the productive and business practice, and are highly responsible for the customers and society, by stressing on principles observing rules, strictly fulfilling the duties and doing a perfect job once and for all, so as to provide high-quality products and first-rate services to improve customer’s satisfaction and win customers’ trust.  


Quality Objective

Perform contract perfectly; control quality risk; improve customers' satisfaction; strive for quality engineering

QMS (Quality management system) documents to be divided into 3 levels: 
A: Describe QMS based on published quality policy and objectives. 
B: Describe the process and activities documents necessary for QMS. 
C: Detailed operating instruction, detailed rules, specification, report and records

Quality Supervision Management

Quality supervision and management Chart