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New TECH Innovation Strategy

SNEC’s TECH innovation is under the guidance of "independent innovation, focus on key points, supporting development, and leading the future". It is market-oriented, development oriented and future-oriented, taking "energy chemical", "Environment Engineering" and "fine chemical" as main R&D fields and business direction. It focuses on self re-innovation and integration innovation to gain differentiation technology advantages, and “to turn core technology to advantages, to turn advantageous technology into a package”,

SNEC’s TECH innovation will cater for the urgent need of energy saving and environment protection on the basis of TECH progress, so as to promote a sustainable development and provide technology support for building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. It will also provide technology support for SINOPEC and national strategy of energy structure adjustment and green lowcarbon development. It will promote the industry research and development, and form good technical innovation and industry base.