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Fourth Session of Staff and Workers Sports Meeting

The fourth session of staff and workers sports meeting was held onOctober 28th. Mr. Wang Aimin, Party Secretary, deputy chairman ofNingbo Trade Union, Mr. Meng Qinggong, member of party group, inspector ofNingbo Trade Union, Mr. Liu Ninghua, Chairman of trade union directly underNingbo Trade Union, Ms. Zhao Lanlan, deputy director of Ningbo High-Tech Area,and Xu Yijun, Zhou Guo, Wang Hongguang, Xiao Zhenping, Wang Jianlin, ZhouRenqing, Zhao Xiaojun, the leaders of company attended the opening ceremony.The leaders of 15 sport teams participated in the ceremony.

The athletes of 15 teams participated in the competition withgreat passion and high team-player spirit. The games integrated fun,cooperation and competition oftechnique intelligence. And the audiencecheered their teams all the time. All judges, working staff performed theirduty strictly according to the rules of open, fair and justice, and assure thesuccess of sports meeting.

The leaders of company, Mr. Xu Yijun, Zhou Guo, Xiao Zhenping, and WangJianlin presented the award to winning teams - production management team,Ningbo Tianyi Manufacture Company team, administration management team,Shanghai Jinshan Company team, Process Installation Office team, Process Systemteam. Mr. Zhou Renqing presented the best organization award to ElectricalControl Room team, Construction and Installation Company team, Lanzhou Companyteam. Mr. Jiang Xianjiang, deputy director of organization committee, directorof party committing working department presented the sports morality award toCivil Office team, Equipment Office team, Storage/transportation and InstallationCompany team, Environmental Protection Office team, Shanghai MechanicalManufacture Office team, and Shanghai Company (desulfurization and denitration)team.

Mr. Wang Jianlin delivered the closing speech, and emphasized that themeeting displayed sports level, sportsmanship and the sport spirits of company“One Family, One Heart, One Efforts and one Aim. The meeting also increased thecohesive force, centripetal force of company, and it is the indication ofenterprise culture and will improve the effective, healthy and harmonicdevelopment of company.