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Yu Baocai, Member of CPC Leadership Group, Deputy General Manager, Surveyed in Company

Mr. Yu Baocai, member of CPC Leadership Group, Deputy General Manager,Mr. Zhao Rifeng, Vice President of company, investigated in the Company in themorning of October 10th. The leaders Mr. Xu Yijun, Zhou Guo, Xiao Zhenpig, WangJianlin, and Zhou Renqing participated in the investigation. The assistant ofGeneral Manager and relevant responsible persons accompanied the leaders duringtheir investigation.

The team of Yu visited theproduction control center of Company, asked about the application effect ofCCTV system, watched the integrated design and digital delivery demonstration; Mr.Yu communicated with Zhongke Project via video phones, asked about the projectconstruction progress and requested them to strengthen the safety and qualitycontrol work and assure the smooth execution of project.

The domestic components achievements appraisal for Large-size Coal DeepProcessing Project, Methanol Syngas Compressor Unit, and Large-Size Water-AirCooling Methanol Synthesis Reactor and etc. based on ZTHC Project was held onOctober 18th and 19th, and all these three projects passed the achievementsappraisal organized by the Major Equipment Office of Group. 17 experts fromSinopec Major Equipment Office, Technology Department, Chemical BusinessDepartment, Relevant refineries and universities headed by Mr. Cao Xianghong, academicianof CAE participated in the appraisal. Mr. Zhao Xiaojun, general manager ofZTHC, SUPCON and Shengu Group, deputy general manager of Company, attended themeeting.

The meeting agenda includedthe expert work report, technical report and application report of eachproject, technical personnel Q&A, and appraisal conclusion. Song Yan fromelectrical control room, Huang Shuilong from Shanghai Branch, Cui Jindong ofEquipment Office delivered the work reports for DCS, Syngas compressor,methanol synthesis reactor respectively.

The successfully development of DCS project realized the application inentire coal chemical process. The technical level of this project reachedadvanced international level and part of indexes are better than the importedDCS system; the methanol syngas compressor and reactor was put into operationin ZTHC 3600 KTA methanol synthesis project in September 2016 and March 2017respectively, and these equipment operate properly up to now, the technicalindexes may satisfy the design requirements, the steam consumption is muchlower than the design value. The methanol synthesis reactor R&D was led bycompany. This project fills the domestic blank in this field with high economicand social benefit, and the integral performance reached advanced internationallevel, and the maximum load was 10% higher than design capacity.

The leaders and experts highly appraised the efforts of NingboEngineering Company for the localization of Sinopec coal chemical plants, andhoped Ningbo Engineering Company to continue the advantage and leadership incoal chemical field, and contribute more to the Sinopec coal chemical industry.