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Intermediate Handover of Coal Gasification Unit of Zhong’an Lianhe Project

The intermediate handover of 1700KTA Coal to Methanol and olefinsconversion project of Zhong’an Lianhe Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. was performed atHuainan Zhong’an Project Site at 8:58, October 28th. The management team ofZhong’an Lianhe Coal Chemical Co., ltd, Mr. Kang Wanzhong, deputy generalmanager of Company attended in the ceremony.

Zhong’an Lianhe Integrated Coal Chemical project is a major project of Sinopecand Anhui Province. The coal gasification unit adopts SE-Dongfang Furnacetechnology of Sinopec. The company organized necessary project planning andcontrolling resources for safety, quality, progress, contract and honest andclean organization with integral advantages for engineering, procurement andmanufacture since the project commencement on August 18th, 2014. The projectwas completed with 31 months effective construction period, 6345542 safeman-hours, and the initial qualification rate of welding reached 98,86%.

Mr. Kang Wanzhong highly appreciated the hard work and close cooperationof all employees participated in the project construction in the ceremony, andindicated that Ningbo Engineering Company will hold the enterprise spirit andcooperate with all contractors to assure the sufficient management andtechnical personnel, satisfy the production requirements, providing all-around supportto the production and startup preparation.

Mr. Shi Huabiao, General Managerof Zhong’an Lianhe Company, congratulated the intermediate handover of CoalGasification Unit, and strengthened that the Zhong’an Coal Gasification Unit ismajor part of plant-wide process, the upgraded project of Sinopec SE DongfangFurnace. The project is an important indication of local economy reform ofAnhui Province, industrial structure optimization and adjustment of Sinopec, acceleratethe promotion of new coal chemical technology. The coal gasification unit isfeatured by compact arrangement, long construction period, difficultconstruction, high technical level and high risk level; Ningbo EngineeringCompany cooperated with all contractors and completed the project constructionwith superior on time, laid solid foundation for plant startup next year.Meantime, he hoped Ningbo Engineering Company to cooperate with ProductionCompany after intermediate handover to assure the successful startup andoperation of Zhong’an Lianhe Coal Chemical Integral Project.