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Mr. Zhou Guo Attended AGPP Project Consortium Summit

Mr. Zhou Guo, General Manager of Company, attended the Russia AMUR AGPPP3 Consortium summit held in TCM Milan Office on October 10th to 12th.

The team of Zhou reviewed the main topics of summit and discussed theproject progress and existing problems with TCM representatives during thesummit. The parties discussed and confirmed the application rules and expenseallocation for common resource of EP section, especially the warehouse, HeiheBase, Bushi Base; the parties also communicated the market development andexecution experience of TCM International Project. The parties agreed to layfoundation for subsequent parts of AMUR Project.

The team of Zhou also visited Wells Group – a subcontractor of RussiaAGPP Project - and listened to the project execution report, communicated andagreed the project progress and subsequent cooperation during their stay inMilan.