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Xu Made a Survey to Projects in Zhejiang Petrochemical

On Oct 10th, Xu Yijun, executive director and secretary of CPC committeeof the company, made a survey on projects in Zhejiang Petrochemical andcontacted top management of the latter for discussions. Xu was in the companyof Wang Hongguang, deputy general manager and directors from relevant functionaldepartments of the company.

In the morning of the day, Xu and his party came to the project officearea in Zhejiang Petrochemical to debrief on construction of aromatics projectby the Construction and Erection Branch of the company and reforming project byShanghai Jinshan Branch of the company. Xu affirmed positively the works andachievements made by the project departments in the previous stage and issued specificinstructions on current project construction. 1. Efforts shall be made to strengthensafety and quality management, care for employee's physical and mental healthto ensure inherent safety; 2. Overall planning and organization of projectconstruction shall continue, especially the coordination of human resources. 3.Process management shall be strengthened to enhance execution of and give playto the whole project. 4. Party building and anti-corruption education in theproject shall be further improved to realize well-round efficiency enhancement.

In the afternoon, Xu and his party contacted at office area of ZhejiangPetrochemical the owner’s top management for coordinating activities of bothsides. They communicated on phase I program under construction and discussedwidely about the phase II program to reach consensus for close co-operations ofboth sides in the future.