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Successful Start-up of 7# Boiler in SCR Revamp Project in Yangzi Petrochemical

At 16:18 hours in theafternoon of Sep 29th, the 7# boiler in the thermal power plant started up withissue of order of the chief scheduler in the plant. Successful boilerintegration was achieved at 2:04 a.m. on Sep 30th after more than nine hours ofpressure and temperature boost, marking handover for operation by owner of the7# boiler in SCR revamp project for 6-9# boiler in the thermal power plant inYangzi Petrochemical, where Jinshan Branch of the company is responsible forEPC management, the SCR Technology Co performs core design and the civil workssection performs structural design.

The above 7# boiler shutdown for construction in the afternoon of July 31st. The main erection worksinclude erection of steel structure for new SCR reactor, assembly of SCRreactor, assembly of additional flue, removal and reinstatement of the existinghot air ducts and installation of auxiliary piping, electrical, instruments andthermal insulations etc.

Thanks to the jointefforts of the entire EPC Project Dept and construction contractor over thepast 53 days, interim handover for mechanical part of 7# boiler was witnessedon Sep 22nd according to the key date schedule established, thus paving a goodway for completion of the whole project in a workmanlike manner.

The EPC Project Dept for Yangtze Petrochemical will continue to workhard and coordinate various resources in improving the safety and qualitymanagement at site so as to complete revamp of the 6# and 8# boilers as per thekey dates and standards established and ensure smooth operation of the plant.