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Key Technical Breakthroughs Made in Recycling of Split Highly Salty Water Crystallization

Recently, a project assessment meeting was held in Yinchuan for keytechnology application relating with recycling of split highly salty watercrystallization for gasification process jointly developed by Ningbo TechnologyInstitute, East China University of Science and Technology and Ningxia Nenghua Co.The technology was highly recognized by the experts to the meeting.

The technology was resultedfrom cooperation of production plant and academic and research institutions,where the highly salty wastewater from the CTC (coal to chemical) project in NingxiaNenghua CTC project is taken as the object for study and study and pilot testwere performed for recycling of the highly salty wastewater via their splitcrystallization. The breakthrough made in this field enabled high valueconversion and utilization of the inorganic salt resources in wastewater withthe salt mixture reduced by a rate above 96%. Quality of all of the four typesof products proved up to the national standard, thus upgrading significantlytheir tech-financial viability and providing them with evident qualitycompetitiveness and wide space for application in the market.

Treatment of wastewater from coal gasification process has been one ofthe key issues to be addressed in wastewater treatment field both home andabroad. The new technology represents the trend of development for wastewatertreatment in CTC sector. Energy consumption may reduce by 45%-50% viacombination of the coupling membrane condensation system with MVR evaporationsystem, while alleviating the tension from wastewater discharge in enterprise,a profit with its value at 12.32 to 75.08 yuan can be expected for per ton ofwastewater. Each ton of highly salty water only produces 3.4 kg of mixed saltresidue, thus reducing the cost for residue disposal remarkably and realizingzero discharge of wastewater drainage from CTC process and beneficial operationof plants. This technology proves in line with the instructions issued by thegroup company governing wastewater treatment, where it is specified wastewatershall be control from the source, managed in the process and end treated. Thetechnology fulfilled a highest rate of recovery for salts domestically andrenders a lowest total cost for treatment of highly salty water, which willpromote long-term, healthy and environmentally friendly development of the CTCbusiness.

The company willcontinue its efforts to optimize and upgrade the subsequent technology seriesand their demonstrative application for commercialization. The company willwork harder to minimize production of the wastes from the CTC process and promotehazard-free treatment and value-added recycling of the same.