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Mr. Liu Genyuan, Sinopec former leader visited SNEC for investigation at site

On April 25th, Mr. Liu Genyuan, the former member of Sinopec Party Committee and vice general manager of Sinopec, and Mr. Xu Zhengning, the secretary general of China Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering Institute (CPPEI) visited SNEC for investigation.

The delegation led by Mr. Liu Genyuan listened to the report on oversea market development and manufacturing businesses by SNEC, and got understanding of the oversea market development and project implementation by SNEC in recent years as well as the next oversea market development plan by SNEC.

Mr. Liu Genyuan highly appreciated the achievements obtained by SNEC in fulfilling the “Going Out” strategy, and proposed the requirements that SNEC shall accelerate “Going Out" step, especially emphasize the development of oversea markets with huge potential along “One Belt and One Road”, and exert its own advantages to expand the business fields so as that the "Going Out” strategy can be practiced in a more stable and farther manner.

In addition, the delegation led by Mr. Liu Genyuan listened to the idea on establishing a SNEC oversea project management committee for responding to “One Belt and One Road” strategy.