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2# Propylene Rectification Tower of Yulin PE Project Delivered at Site

2# propylene rectification tower was delivered at site on August 15, 2003 smoothly, which was hoisted and transported by SNEC Yulin Heavy Hoisting Project Team and this tower is 1400t in weight, 7.6 meters in diameter, 102m in length. Equipment fabrication workshop is more than 3000m from erection site, the transportation started from 9:00 a.m. and closed at 13:20 p.m., it took 4 hours and 20 minutes. Oversized equipment transportation is an important construction link in Yulin heavy hoisting project; it also is an important milestone in Yuheng coal chemical project.

Equipment transportation use SCHEUERLE hydraulic flat car of Germany, this car has independent module plate in its whole carrying platform, which is the most advanced large-sized equipment transportation machinery in the world. This equipment transportation use No. 4 longitudinal column and No. 30 axis, the total bearing capacity can reach to 2160t; the total length of flat car is 42m with 5.3m in width. The car has the following features: 1. Bearing capacity is strong; 2. Remote control operation (easy observe the surrounding and expand the visual range for the operator); 3. Full hydraulic lifting (normal running height is 1500mm, adjustable range ±350mm) ; 4. Horizontal and longitudinal combination advantage exists.

In order to ensure oversized equipment 2# propylene rectification tower smooth transportation, Yulin large-sized hoisting project team discussed and studied the transportation scheme carefully and took several measures of reclamation, compaction, leveling and laying steel to transportation road to ensure effective road meet the transportation requirements, they carried out real load simulation test for transportation routes, it laid a solid foundation for large transport task satisfactorily. We obtained praise from the coal Yuheng coal chemical project leaders for the safe, high quality and smooth transportation.