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Ningbo Haiyue PDH Plant Qualified Product Output

On August 31, PDH plant is commissioning, which is a core plant of Ningbo Haiyue New Material Co., Ltd Propane and Mixed C4 project and overall contracted by SNEC, on September 2, the flow of this plant is passing through and qualified product was produced, it marks that after 2 years of engineering construction, under common endeavor of all construction personnel concerned, 600,000t/y Propane and Mixed C4 project was completed and put into operation, which is the largest capacity of world in similar plants. Up to now, this plant running is very steady.

The process package of this plant use USA Lummus technology, the annual capacity of processing propane is about 710,000t, the annual capacity of propylene is about 600,000t, at same time, there is byproduct of dry gas and rich H2, which is the core plant of Propane and Mixed C4 Project, this plant is the first set of PDH overall contracted project by SNEC, it also is the second PDH plant using CATOFLN in China.